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MF 2K Series Hardener

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Product Name/Model:MF 2K Series Hardener

Characteristic: A series of yellow resistant hardener, designed for for 2K solid colors and clear coats. To match different products, application area and conditions, it includes various versions as fast drying, standard drying, slow drying.

Match With
2K solid color, 880 clear coat, 580 clear coat, 380 clear coat. For more details, please refer to mixing ratio of each products.
Mixing Ratio
Main Agent: Hardener=2:1
Mating Fast Drying
Mating Standard Drying
Mating Slowdrying
Dryting Time
Different products mixed, the drying time is different, please refer to technical date sheet of mixture.
Shelf Life
2 yearsin original sealed can, cool and dry place at 20℃.
4L×6 or2L×12 or0.5L×15 or 1L×15

1. Choose right hardener accoording to temperature, humidity and drying conditions, generally,use fast drying hardener below 15°C, standard drying hardenener at 15-30°C and slow drying hardener above 30°C.
2. Please seal the can tightly after use, as hardener is sensitive to moisture. Absorption of moisture can lead to chemical reaction and concreting.
3. Please keep away from direct sunlight and dry condition in storage.


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