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PAACE Automechanika 2017

In an effort to better serve the market, Industria Nacional de Autopartes (INA) and Messe Frankfurt have joined forces to produce one cohesive event serving the entire automotive OEM and aftermarket. It is paace automechanika 2017, held annually, the event draws thousands of attendees in the automotive industry. We are attending this exhibition with our automotive coatings. Our booth is S4648. Welcome to visit our exhibition

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Zhenroumei is looking for partners and distributors worldwide.

Guangzhou Zhenroumei Chemical coatings Limited is a high techenology enterprise specializing in researching, producing, marketing auto paints, industrial paints with more than 15 years and has become one of the largest automotive coatings manufacture in China. To ensure high quality products and efficiency, we use chosen raw material from some famouse companies in the world, such as Basf, Nuplex, Merck, Cytee

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Zhenroumei English website is launched

In order to better expand overseas market, meet the needs of the development of the company, to meet foreign customers understand the company's products through the network, to provide a better online services, Guangzhou Zhenroumei Chemical Coating Limited English official website officially launched in 2016/1/1, Site with new design concept, convenient, simple and intuitive to meet customer requirements. Hope that

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What Is The Reason of The Car Paint Discoloration?

Car paint discoloration mainly refers to the discoloration of clear paint, varnish was originally transparent colorless or light yellow, discoloration becomes brown or black, topcoat will also have the phenomenon of color change, the color will become different. There are four main reasons. 1. Car paint thinner of product selection has poor quality, causing paint a variety of paint defects; 2. The varnish ester solvent used in

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Spraying Tips for Car Primers

In the primer coating techniques and spraying environment, the deployment of viscosity, the type of thinner and dry conditions will affect the coating primer coating effect, as well as the impact of gravel scraping and grinding effect will be affected. The primer coating spray effect will also affect the topcoat of the spray effect, so that the paint layer and the paint layer are between the interaction. Car primer is betwee

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What Is The Role of The Car Primer?

It is well known that the construction of automotive refinish lacquer is made up of a number of lacquered layers: phosphating primer + plaster + primer + topcoat (single component) + varnish (two component); What is the role of the primer in whole paint layer? Car primer is a paint under the topcoat, the main role is to increase the adhesion between the paint layer and the paint layer, can be filled in the gap between the pl

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Note The Purchase of Car Paint

In the purchase of car paint, we should pay attention to the following questions. First look at the gloss of the car paint, good brand of car paint gloss is very good, it can effectively enhance the car's aesthetics; Second, we must observe automotive coatings adhesion, can be better bonded with the substrate together, not easy to fall off, extend the life of the car paint; Finally, the automotive paint is anti-oxidation, co

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Which Car Paint Brand Is Better?

At present, with the rapid economic development, living standards continue to improve, private cars is more and more, which also led to the development of automotive paint. There are a wide range of automotive paint brands on the market, I believe everyone has a certain degree of difficulty in the choice of time, it is difficult to distinguish which brand of car paint is good. Automotive paint brands are imported and domestic.

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How to Buy Car Paint at Ease?

There are a wide range of automotive paint brands on the market, the purchase of paint is not very understanding, we are not very assured for our car paint. Let's share the attention of the purchase. First, buy professional, supporting products. According to the texture of the plate, color, structure and use of different objects, paint design and process are different, the use of the product must be better matching. Second, be

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The Difference between Matte Varnish And Metallic Paint

Matte paint is based on car clear paint, adding the right amount of matting agent and auxiliary materials, due to the amount of matting agent is different, the paint gloss is also different. Matte paint film gloss is soft, uniform, smooth, temperature, acid and alkali. Due to paint mixed with metal powder, so it is automotive metal paint, Metallic paint can not only make the surface shining, and because of the refraction of

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How to Deal With Car Paint Lacquer Interface?

How to make car paint lacquer interface not obvious? Share the method of operation with you! 1.use a polishing machine to deal with the whole handle, throw away the paint above the rust and stains. 2.with degreasing agent oil, clear wax. 3.with 2000 sandpaper polished, the area is greater than the spray primer color range of about 10cm. 4.spray primer, basecoat viscosity slightly, spray the scope as small as possible. 5.varnis

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Why The Brightness of The Car Clear Coat Is Not High?

The brightness and freshness of the car varnish film is mainly related to the smoothness and gloss of car clear coat. It is used to indicate one of the decorative properties of the paint film. It can be visualized or measured with a special instrument to indicate. Sometimes the brightness of the varnish is not enough, what are the reasons? 1.It may be the background paint is too rough, not smooth formation. It is recommended t

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How to Polish 2K Car Paint?

2K car paint spray is easy, but polished more difficult, especially 2K car black paint, because the wax easy to fall. We need to polish before polished, and then coarse wax, polishing machine open the second file to the wax in the polished place, and then gradually raised to 4 speed, according to the pressure from the big turn, until the wax is gone, and then again. After wiping the wax with a wet towel, wipe dry and then wi

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How to Distinguish 1K Car Paint And 2K Car Paint?

For the novice, do not know what is 1K car paint and 2K car paint. In the industry, 1K is called single-component paint, 2K called two-component paint. 1.if the paint has the flash point of the metal particles, that is 1K paint, 2K paint is not; 2.1K paint without metal particles, you can use the scale to dip and then observe the auto paint, the surface drying speed faster is 1K, and the film is no shiny; 3.If the paint conce

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Why Does The Car Paint Appear Pinhole?

After the car paint spray, the surface of the car paint film appear needle-like holes, this phenomenon is called pinholes. In the paint drying process, what is the main reason for the emergence of pinholes? 1.when the paint is painted, the paint is too thick, the general situation is three times, but you spray four or five times, when the paint film is dry, car paint thinner and air contact time is too long, when they reach th

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Whether The Car Coating Is Toxic?

At present, many items show that the paint has a certain toxicity, so many friends are very concerned about whether the car paint is toxic, after all, health is first. In fact, if the paint is not a little toxicity, it is certainly a lie, it is only a toxic degree.According to the relevant tests show that the general solvent-based paint toxicity or environmental pollution is higher than the water-based paint, if for safety r

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