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Car Paint: Pollution Blistering

1. Causes: (1)The main reason is the substrate is polluted, and thorough cleaning and preparation are not carried out before painting. (2)Spraying tools such as the spray gun are polluted. 2. Precaution and Correction Method: (1) Need to clean the sprayed surface, remove wax, grease, polishing agent and other substances thoroughly. (2) Make sure that tools such as compressed air,

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Car Paint: wet blistering

(1) Causes 1. The mutual adhesion between topcoat, mid-coat, primer and the substrate is not enough, which may cause blistering. 2. In very hot and humid conditions, water penetrates the paint film as a liquid and then passes out as a vapor, forming moisture bubbles. (2) Precaution and Correction Method: 1. use dry grinding in wet weather only, keep the compressed air dry, and ensure that the surface is compl

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Why is your car paint changing color?

Have you ever experienced discoloration of your car paint? This is a headache because it directly affects the aesthetics of the car's surface. So why does the car paint change color? Park the car in an open-air parking lot without any shelter. The car paint will be damaged and discolored in long-term sunlight, especially the white ordinary car paint, which is more likely to turn yellow; Long storage p

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Automotive Paint: What's the Difference Between Primer and Topcoat?

The cars that can be seen everywhere on the road are colorful. The color we could see is the topcoat, so some people say that it would be good as long as the quality of the topcoat is good, and the quality of primer is not important at all. In fact, this opinion is incorrect, because the components and functions of the two are different. 1. Different ingredients: The primer is composed of four parts: resin, sol

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Why does car paint peel off?

There are many reasons for car paint peeling off, one is external collision or exposure, and the other is internal cause, which means that the construction is not professional or the quality of the product itself is caused. let’s talk about the causes of car refinish paint peeling caused by internal factors: 1.The surface of the carrepair body is not clean thoroughlybefore painting, and there are still moisture, oil,

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​The paint film appears "chalking" phenomenon:

The paint film appears "chalking" phenomenon: 1. Definition: The pigment particles in the paint are no longer affected by the binder, and the surface of the paint film is powdery, passivated, faded and tarnished. 2. Cause: ①Due to the long-term exposure of the paint film to strong sunlight and other climatic conditions, the pigment particles in the paint are aged or loosened, causing the paint sur

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About wet marks or wax marks under coating after paint spraying:

About wet marks or wax marks under coating after paint spraying: 1. What are the wax marks under wet printing or coating: from the surface of the paint layer, the outline of the contaminated area on the bottom layer can be seen, or matt spots of various shapes appear. 2. Cause: ①The underlying surface is not thoroughly cleaned before painting, for example, grease or wax is not completely removed.

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When car paint putty bleeds:

When car paint putty bleeds: What is Putty Bleeding: After spraying the topcoat, the color of the surface will change in the area where putty has been used, usually showing that the color is lighter than the surrounding area, especially the light blue and light green silver powder base paint is prone to this phenomenon. (1) Cause: ① There is too much hardenerin the putty, and the oxide in theh

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How to fix streaks in car paint?

How to fix streaks in car paint? 1. Definition: Also known as silver powder blooming, this is a common problem with silver color paint and pearl primers. The paint film appears to be whacked, with small dark circles surrounding light silver dust or varying shades of color. If it is in the base coat, this phenomenon is often not noticed until the clear coat has been applied. 2.Cause: ①Silver co

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What should we do if the paint is polluted and blistered?

What should we do if the paint is polluted and blistered? 1. Definition: Pollution blistering: Also known as bubbles or "prickly heat", irregular blistering on the surface of the paint layer. 2. Cause: ① The main reason is that the substrate is contaminated, and proper cleaning and preparation work has not been carried out before painting. ②Contamination from air supply pipes or

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Three key points of pearl color paint toning:

Three key points of pearl color paint toning: ① It is very important to choose the right color masterbatch. It is necessary to memorize the front and side performance and transparency of the color masterbatch. Because pearl paint generally uses transparent color masterbatch. ②Adjust the front and side hues of pearl paint and phantom pearl paint, mainly relying on plain color masterbatch to express. Mother-o

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What is the difference between metallic paint and pearl paint?

What is the difference between metallic paint and pearl paint? Metallic paint and pearl paint are both surface decoration paints used for automobile painting. The specific differences between the two are as follows: 1. Material difference: Metallic paint contains opaque metal flakes. The pearl paint contains mica flakes with translucent properties of different thicknesses. 2. Chroma

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The main reasons for car paint peeling.

The main reasons for car paint peeling: 1. When the car is painted, the surface of the car may not be cleaned cleanly, and there are oil stains, dust, moisture, etc.; 2. The substrate is too lubricated, and too lubricating will also cause poor adhesion of the car paint film; 3.When the primer is sprayed, the primer film is sprayed too thick and too hard, which will also make the paint film not e

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About the color of the car primer.

About the color of the car primer: Generally, the car paint surface will have at least 4 layers of paint, namely: multi-layer paint, primer, top coat and color paint. It can be seen intuitively, but the color of the primer will only be revealed after being scratched, so many friends will be very curious, what color is the general car primer? General cars use cathodic electrophoresis primer, so the col

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How to deal with grinding marks on car paint surface?

How to deal with grinding marks on car paint surface? 1. Definition: Swirl-like sanding marks in the substrate appearing on topcoats or on refinish surfaces. 2. Reason: (1) The substrate was sanded with too rough sandpaper. Due to the thicker film formation, the paint shrinks more at the sanding marks. (2) The drying time of the base coat was not followed correctly: Due to the expansio

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How to spray Clear coat well ?

How to spray Clear coat well ? Whether the car clear coatis sprayed well or not, the primer layer is the key. The primer layer is sprayed rough, uneven, and poorly dried. No matter how good theclear coatis sprayed, it is a waste. After the proportion of the manufacturer is prepared, the spraying of the clear coat is generally 2 to 3 times. For the first time, use semi-dry and wet spraying, do

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