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Car refinish paint: water marks

Watermarks means there are corrosion-like spots showing on the carpaint surface, in white or yellow color. It is less common on the sides of the car body, usually occurs on the car roof, luggage cover etc. that's because: 1.The new spray paint film was exposed to water droplets or splashed with water without being fully dried condition, especially the water droplets with high mineral content. When this water mixes w

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Car paint defects: Overspray

Overspray refers to a rough paint finish on the surface of the topcoat. After application, excess paint is no longer absorbed on the newly sprayed surface, and the dried paint particles adhere to the new paint film. Cause: 1. Insufficient thinner is used when mixing paint, and the viscosity of the paint is too high 2. The thinner dries too quickly 3.Using improper spray gun and tools 4. Improper constru

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Reasons for poor adhesion of car paint

The adhesion of auto paint is mainly reflected in two aspects, one is the adhesion of the primer to the substrate, and the other is the connection between coatings. So if adhesion is poor, it’s usually because: 1. The surface of the sprayed parts has not been cleaned thoroughly, leaving residues such as oil, fat, wax, rust, etc.; 2. The substrate is not polished or is not polished sufficiently; 3. Failure to sel

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1. Definition and Overview Curing agents, also known as hardening agents, are substances that induce or accelerate the curing process of resins, polymers, and other materials. They play a crucial role in converting liquid resins into solid, durable, and useful products. 2. Classification and Characteristics Curing agents are broadly classified based on their chemistry and the type of resin they are designed to cure.

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Varnish (2)

Applications of Varnish Automotive Industry: Used on car bodies, bumpers, and other exterior surfaces. Marine Industry: Primarily used on boat hulls and deck surfaces. Industrial Equipment: Protects against corrosion on metal equipment and machinery. Architectural Surfaces: Coats and protects building exteriors and interiors. Production Process of Varnish Resin Synthesis: The initial step involves c

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Varnish (1)

Varnish is a special kind of coating used mainly to protect the surface of the carand enhance its aesthetic appearance. It hasexcellent weather resistance, wear resistance, and scratch resistance, which can effectively resist UV rays and various pollutants, keeping the car's surface shiny and colorful fora long time. In addition, Varnish alsohas good adhesion and flexibility, which canadapt to the various shapes and textures

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1K silver car paint spraying problem: small spots

Why do some tiny spots appear on the paint surface after spraying 1K silver paint? 1. The auto paint is not mixed thoroughly 2. There is dust contamination during painting or the painted surface is not cleaned. 3. When spraying silver paint, it is not moist enough, the metal particles cannot sink into the paint. 4. The varnish layer cannot cover small spots Prevention and treatment: 1. Clean the car

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Automotive Refinish: Bird droppings

After a new car has been in use for a while, you may notice the mark of bird droppings on the car surfacer, obviously it's mainly because of bird droppings. When parking, many drivers choose to park in the shade of the trees, easily ignoring the birds that live or move on the trees. Their excrement is likely to fall on the surface of the car paint, and the bird droppings contain Acidic substances, which will cause oxidation

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About the precipitation of car paint in storage and use

Precipitation means that during the storage of car paint, some fillers and pigments will settle down to the bottom of the cans. As a result, the auto paint is no longer uniform on the whole, and the effect of spraying turns out very poor. it's usually caused by the following reasons: 1. The temperature in the storage places is too high or the temperature difference is too large. 2. The paint has exceeded

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Why varnish layer turns yellow after painting

The new sprayed varnish is obviously smooth and shiny, but why did it turn yellow after a short time? If it is freshly painted, it may be due to: The car paint spraying equipment is not cleaned up; Use of spoiled or expired varnishes resulting in low varnish clarity; The quality of hardener mixed together is too poor or the mixing ratio is wrong. Therefore, before spraying auto refinish varnish and hardene

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What is the main component of car paint ?

What is the main component of car paint ? There are generally 4 basic components: film-forming substances (resins), pigments (including extender pigments), solvents and additives. 1.The film-forming substance is the main component of the paint. Its function is to keep the pigment bright, durable and adhere to the surface of the object easily. It determines the type of paint. Resins include natural resin

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Why there is Putty (Refinish Paint Traces)?

Why there is Putty (Refinish Paint Traces)? After the topcoat, some traces of putty appear on the surface, and the edge of the putty shrinks. why it come out like this? there are probably 3 reasons Reason: A. The putty is scraped thickly, and the topcoat is not completed dry, especially when the putty and filler are applied to the joint interface, the drying is relatively slow and the hardenin

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How to keep the car paints in warehouse?

How to keep the car paints in warehouse? As we know ,the car paints are chemical and special products. Most of the paints used are organic solvents, which are volatile, flammable, and toxic to a certain extent, so they must be sealed and stored. It need a stable temperature and safe condition to keep it well. Please let Topwings tell you more about 1. Temperature Most of the p

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The Right Proportion for Car Paint

The Right Proportion for Car Paint When we ready to make the paint,we always need to know what is the proportion. One hand,please take the advise of product from manufacturer. The Other hand,please make it as your real situation. At the first beginning,Please let TOPWINGStell you some details of base coat of car paint . Base coatare 1K color and 2K color. 1K color ,it is a

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What is car paint? And what are the difference of them ?

What is car paint? And what are the difference of them ? TOPWINGS will you . There are total 3 paints ,from the bottom to the top. Base coat,color coating and clear coat. A.Base coat,it always looks like off white color,we can’t see it on the surface,it is anti-rust. It is made by car factory for the new car accessories.As the repairing car,people often use putty instead of base coat. B.Color coa

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How To Do The Maintenance Of Car Paint?

How To Do The Maintenance Of Car Paint? As a cool car,it is so important to have a high quality color of a car. Car paint works as a skin of the car.It can protect the car. Also,it works as a clothes of the car.It can show a beautiful view. If we do the maintenance of paint,it won’t be fade quickly with 3-5 years. How to do the maintenance of car paint ? A-Waxing,B-sealing,C-c

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