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BOYET Series

Matting Agent

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Product Name/Model:BYTF609-Matting Agent.

Characteristic: Used to reduce the brightness of paint film, good matting ability with smooth paint film, suitable for BM1K and BM2K system.

Match with
BM2K-Solid colors, Clear Coat, BM1K Basecoat.
BM1K Basecoat: Matting Agent=(90-75):(10-25)
2K Topcoat
2K topcoat
609 Matting agent
BYT Hardener
All matte
25 75 12.5
Half matte
50 50 25
Half bright
65 35 37.5
Please refer to technical data sheet of matching products for proper application
Shelf Life
2 years in original sealed can, cool and dry place at 20℃.
1L×12 or 4L×6

1. Matting agent is easy to crystallize when exposed to air too long,to avoid particles in paint film, especially when applied in combination with clear coat, remove crystallized particles and othe contaminations around the can rim before use and pour out with filter.

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