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BOYET Series

Standard Thinner

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Product Name/Model:BYTX-1/2/3/ Thinner

Characteristic: High quality thinner, specially developed for primer, basecoat and topcoat.Available with fast , standard, slow drying speed to match different products, different application temperature and requirements.

Reduce the application viscosity, increase the smoothness and gloss of paint film, Good solubility.
BYTX-1 Fast Drying THinne
Fast drying thinner with very fast evaporation speed,suitable for spot repair or application below 15°C.
BYTX-2 Standard drying thinner
Standard drying thinner, with medium evaporation speed, suitable for spot repair or application at 15-30°C.
BYTX-3 Slow drying thinner
Slow drying thinner, with slow evaporation speed,suitable for spot repair or overall refinish, application above 30°C.
If the temperature or humidity are too high, 10-30% Retarder Solvent can be added.
Shelf Life
2 years in original sealed can, cool and dry place at 20℃.
4L×6 or2L×12 or 0.5L×15 or 1L×15

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