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F606-2K Primer Surfacer

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Product Name/Model:F606-2K Primer Surfacer
Characteristic: Multi-purpose two-component 2K Primer Surfacer with strong filling power and fine adhesion between coats, fast drying time, easy sanded.
Dried and sanded existing finishes, all kinds of primer and putty.
Surface Cleaning
F606-2KPrimer Surfacer
MSH106 2K Primer Hardener
4 1 1~1.5
A  、<15℃ :90Fast Thinner; B 、 15-30℃:91 Standard Thinner; C、>30℃:92Slow Thinner
At 20°C, 3 hours mixed withhardener, thinner
14-16s to drop off, in 4# viscosity cup at 25°C,
Spray GunSet Up
Gravity Feed: 1.2-1.5mm 4-5kg/cm 2
Suction Feed: 1.4-1.6mm 4-5kg/cm 2
Coats&Thickness: 2-3 coats, total 20-30um.
Flash-Off Time: At 25°C,5-10 minutes between two coats,it depends on
temperature and paint film.
Drying Time
A. Allow 10-20 minutes air-drying,then 60°C baking 20 minutes, can sand after
cool down.
B. Air-drying time 3 hours, at 20°C.
Shelf Life
2 years in original sealed can,cool and dry place at 25℃.
1L×12 or 3.75L×4

1. The substrate must be cleaned and sanded before spray, wet sanding P800-1000 and then dry.
2. At ambient temperature higher than 30℃, add appropriate Retarder Solvent into thinner to avoid blushing. For more details, please refer to technical data sheet of Retarder Solvent.
3. The products mixed with hardener should be used up soon and can not be restore for future use;clean equipments immediately with thinner after application, otherwise it is very difficult to be cleaned after dry.


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