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When car scratch repair, why need to paint the whole car paint?

When car scratch repair, why need to paint the whole car paint? 1. Prevent the layer boundaries of new and old paint surfaces: If you simply spray paint locally at the scratched position, there will be a more obvious boundary between the new and old paint layers due to the passage of time. Old car paint will turn yellow under long-term exposure to wind, sun and rain, an

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How to distinguish metallic paint from pearl paint?

How to distinguish metallic paint from pearl paint? There are various brands of cars, and there are many differences in the colors of cars. The more common metallic paints on the market are mixed with metal powder in the paint, so that the sprayed sheet metal parts look sparkling. From the angle, you can see that the color of the car has changed, making the whole car look more beautiful and beautiful. This is why m

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Car Body Repair:

Car Body Repair: 1. Preparation materials: 800 grit sandpaper, 2000 grit sandpaper, water, test spray base plate, car body color primer. 2. First use 800-grit sandpaper to polish the scratches, and rinse the warped paint and damaged parts roughly smooth while polishing. There will be some thin streaks after grinding with 800-grit sandpaper, which requires continuous polishing with 2000-grit sandpaper. Pay

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Paint Spray Defects - Paint Sinking:

Paint Spray Defects - Paint Sinking: The patched area is sunken and the topcoat surface creates a "lake" shaped appearance. (1) Causes: ① When spraying multiple layers of paint, the previous layer of paint is not dry enough. ② The putty sinks, but it is not easy to be found when spraying a low-gloss primer, but when spraying a high-gloss topcoat, the paint s

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The structure of pearl color paint.

The structure of pearl color paint. 1. The color of pearl is composed of mica and titanium dioxide. Therefore, mica is composed of very thin mica stacks, Due to the viewing angle, its color is also different. Layer by layer, the incident light is reflected, absorbed and transmitted, resulting in subtle changes. This is called "multiple reflection". Unlike ordinary objects, light only Reflected by the surfac

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What Causes Paint Cracks?

What Causes Paint Cracks? The paint surface is seriously tarnished, and there are many small cracks on the topcoat layer, which are similar to the cracks in the soil in a dry pond. The cracks often appear in triangular, star-shaped or irregular radial shapes. Cracking generally occurs in the finish coat, and sometimes penetrates into the inner coat. (1) Causes: ①The paint layer is too thick

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Paint sandpaper marks expansion!

Paint sandpaper marks expansion! Meaning: There are obvious sanding marks on the painted surface. (1) Causes: ① After the bottom layer is sanded with coarse sandpaper, the sandpaper traces are not filled with putty or primer. ② Improper thinner or thinner ratio is used, and the thinner in the newly sprayed topcoat will penetrate into the old paint layer, which will exp

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Is the car paint film etched by acid?

Is the car paint film etched by acid? There are rough spots on the appearance, and the edges of the spots are sunken into the paint film due to acid etching. Sometimes the color of the paint film changes and the paint surface is uneven. (1) Causes: ① Corrosion of acidic substances such as asphalt, insect corpses and industrial pollutants on the road surface, or grease such as brake fluid s

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How to deal with " pinholes " after car paint spraying?

How to deal with " pinholes " after car paint spraying? "Pinholes" are also called pits, which are densely packed small holes that appear in the paint film. (1) Causes: ① The compressed air used for spraying contains moisture, or the wrong type or quantity of thinner is used in the paint. ② Excessively thick wet coating, or forced drying with a hair dryer, or the temperatur

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Paint markings:

Paint markings: Also known as silver powder blooming, this is a common problem with silver color paint and pearl primers. The paint film appears to have been hammered, with some dark rings surrounding lighter silver powder or varying shades. If it is in the base coat, this phenomenon is often not found until after the clear coat is sprayed. (1) Causes: ①Silver color paint is compos

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Automobile paint production process

Automobile paint production process Car paint is divided into two types according to the spraying process: One is a single process and the other is a double process. The single process is ordinary paint, and the metallic paint is a double process. Metallic paints provide particles that contain aluminum powder to give the car a good look. However, the metal paint must be sprayed with varnis

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How to choose car paint?

How to choose car paint? When buying a car, in addition to paying more attention to the model, brand, price, etc., how to choose the color of the car paint is also a big problem. After all, different body colors have completely different visual effects. So, how to choose car paint? 1. Look at the appearance The appearance of the paint directly affects the decorative eff

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Some car paint tips:

Some car paint tips: Car paint is different from other paints, because cars need to be outdoors all year round, exposed to wind and sun, and car paint can well maintain the appearance of the car, so the requirements for paint technology are very high. 一、Classification of paint: 1. Classified by body coating: ■Primer paint for automobiles: electrophoretic paint, etc. ■Intermediate coatings for

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Car Paint: Pollution Blistering

1. Causes: (1)The main reason is the substrate is polluted, and thorough cleaning and preparation are not carried out before painting. (2)Spraying tools such as the spray gun are polluted. 2. Precaution and Correction Method: (1) Need to clean the sprayed surface, remove wax, grease, polishing agent and other substances thoroughly. (2) Make sure that tools such as compressed air,

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Car Paint: wet blistering

(1) Causes 1. The mutual adhesion between topcoat, mid-coat, primer and the substrate is not enough, which may cause blistering. 2. In very hot and humid conditions, water penetrates the paint film as a liquid and then passes out as a vapor, forming moisture bubbles. (2) Precaution and Correction Method: 1. use dry grinding in wet weather only, keep the compressed air dry, and ensure that the surface is compl

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Why is your car paint changing color?

Have you ever experienced discoloration of your car paint? This is a headache because it directly affects the aesthetics of the car's surface. So why does the car paint change color? Park the car in an open-air parking lot without any shelter. The car paint will be damaged and discolored in long-term sunlight, especially the white ordinary car paint, which is more likely to turn yellow; Long storage p

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