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What should we do if the paint is polluted and blistered?

What should we do if the paint is polluted and blistered? 1. Definition: Pollution blistering: Also known as bubbles or "prickly heat", irregular blistering on the surface of the paint layer. 2. Cause: ① The main reason is that the substrate is contaminated, and proper cleaning and preparation work has not been carried out before painting. ②Contamination from air supply pipes or

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Three key points of pearl color paint toning:

Three key points of pearl color paint toning: ① It is very important to choose the right color masterbatch. It is necessary to memorize the front and side performance and transparency of the color masterbatch. Because pearl paint generally uses transparent color masterbatch. ②Adjust the front and side hues of pearl paint and phantom pearl paint, mainly relying on plain color masterbatch to express. Mother-o

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What is the difference between metallic paint and pearl paint?

What is the difference between metallic paint and pearl paint? Metallic paint and pearl paint are both surface decoration paints used for automobile painting. The specific differences between the two are as follows: 1. Material difference: Metallic paint contains opaque metal flakes. The pearl paint contains mica flakes with translucent properties of different thicknesses. 2. Chroma

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The main reasons for car paint peeling.

The main reasons for car paint peeling: 1. When the car is painted, the surface of the car may not be cleaned cleanly, and there are oil stains, dust, moisture, etc.; 2. The substrate is too lubricated, and too lubricating will also cause poor adhesion of the car paint film; 3.When the primer is sprayed, the primer film is sprayed too thick and too hard, which will also make the paint film not e

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About the color of the car primer.

About the color of the car primer: Generally, the car paint surface will have at least 4 layers of paint, namely: multi-layer paint, primer, top coat and color paint. It can be seen intuitively, but the color of the primer will only be revealed after being scratched, so many friends will be very curious, what color is the general car primer? General cars use cathodic electrophoresis primer, so the col

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How to deal with grinding marks on car paint surface?

How to deal with grinding marks on car paint surface? 1. Definition: Swirl-like sanding marks in the substrate appearing on topcoats or on refinish surfaces. 2. Reason: (1) The substrate was sanded with too rough sandpaper. Due to the thicker film formation, the paint shrinks more at the sanding marks. (2) The drying time of the base coat was not followed correctly: Due to the expansio

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How to spray Clear coat well ?

How to spray Clear coat well ? Whether the car clear coatis sprayed well or not, the primer layer is the key. The primer layer is sprayed rough, uneven, and poorly dried. No matter how good theclear coatis sprayed, it is a waste. After the proportion of the manufacturer is prepared, the spraying of the clear coat is generally 2 to 3 times. For the first time, use semi-dry and wet spraying, do

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How to deal with wet blistering of car body paint surface in car spray painting?

How to deal with wet blistering of car body paint surface in car spray painting? Wet blistering on the paint surface of the car body: Pock-like small bubbles are evenly distributed, with different sizes, which are easy to appear in very hot and humid conditions. These bubbles disappear when the air humidity is reduced, and the paint film becomes flat. (1) Cause: ①The mutual adhesi

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What problem might happen to your car paint?

Car paint is like human’sclothes, it can protect and decorate thebody. Usually, the car paint surface is exposed to the air for a long time, including rain, dust and other dirt, which will hurt the cars a lot, so what problem might happen to your car paint? Water streaks can appear in any type of car paint. The water mark pattern is ring-shaped, which is the trace left by the evaporation of water droplets. The chemic

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why is there discoloration after spraying car paint?

Have you ever experienced discoloration of your car paint? This is a very troublesome thing, because it will affect the aesthetic effect of the paint surface directly, so why the color changes after spraying auto refinish paint? 1.Poor quality of the car paint, or the shelf life has passed, leading in the loss of the paint performance. 2.Not mixing the auto paint in accordance with color card, or incorrect mix

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What to do with car paint oxidation?

Paint oxidation can be dealt with by grinding and polishing. After grinding and polishing, the oxide layer of the paint surface is removed, which can make the vehicles look radiant and brand new again, and the color and luster can temporarily return to the state of the new car. Then do the coating film. Coating is to stick the car paint protective film on the surface of the car body to isolate and protect the car paint.

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The function and use method of hardener in car paint

The hardener is mainly used with 2K car paint and 2K clear coat (varnish), because the paint group needs to undergo a cross-linking reaction with the hardener group to form a polymer, in order to improve the hardnessof the paint film. The hardener needs to have the function of weather resistance, yellowing resistance and chemical resistance. The solid content of varnish is different, so need to use with the m

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Why is there low brightness and gloss of automotive varnishes?

The brightness and DOI (distinctness of image) of the car varnish film are the clarity of the projected scene on the surface of the paint film, which is mainly related to the smoothness and gloss of the varnish. It is used to represent one of the decorative properties of the paint film appearance. Poor DOI means poor decoration of the paint film. It could be told by visual inspection or by measuring with special instruments.

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Bad Hiding Power after sprayed car paint?

The main function of the automotive paint is to make the object to be painted colored, and to have hiding power on the surface of the product. But sometimes when doing the paint construction, you will encounter poor hiding power. The new color paint layer cannot completely cover the original paint color, or the color of the old paint film has penetrated into the top coat layer, changing the sprayed new top coat color. So wha

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Why is the putty or 2K primer cracking?

Spraying putty and 2K primer is part of the car paint repair process. During which, many touch-up defects will be encountered, and one of the common is the cracking of the putty filling area or the primer layer, which leads to the cracking of the topcoat layer. Why does this happen? 1. The putty layer or 2K primer layer is too thick, and the drying time between each layer is not enough, so the surface of the putty

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Small particles found on the paint surface after painting?

Due to the many complicated processes involved in auto refinishing, there might be spraying paint flaw during the time. After spraying the topcoat, sometimes it is found that the paint surface is not smooth and grainy. Why are these dirty spots wrapped in the paint film? Cause Analysis: 1. The metal has not been cleaned throughly, there's dust, sand and other dirty things. 2. The construction environment i

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