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Car Paint Blistering Reasons

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Car new car paint certainly does not exist from the phenomenon of bubbles, car paint bubbles may occur after painting car repair paint. There are many reasons for the blistering, the most likely cause is the impact of moisture.
The first reason is the low quality of automotive paint materials, because the rainy weather, the water vapor is easy to invade the paint, when the temperature rises, the film close the water inside, after the water vapor can not get out, the paint surface to drum up, that is, blistering. So the quality of the car paint must pass, the car paint must choose high-quality paint, regular car paint factory or 4s shop!

There is also a reason, after painting the car paint, the water inside the paint film, when the heat is needed to evaporate, it will form a pressure on the surface of the car paint drums. So when painting the car paint, each film must be dry thoroughly, is not allowed to leave the water.


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