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What Are Misunderstanding When Spraying Paint?

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After the collision of the car, we need to re-paint the car and spray paint for the car, there will be a lot of errors during spraying the car paint, if these errors do not go to a timely solution, it will have a serious impact on the car paint, as auto coating manufacturer, let's talk about the misunderstanding.
1.The preparatory process before spraying is not done well, do not clean the place where you need to spray, the old coating did not clean up, the surface will appear rough, uneven phenomenon.
2.Artificial coloring does not have the correct procedure, resulting in the color of the car has color difference. 

3.There is interference between the various processes. For example, in the case of relatively cold weather, some operators will be grinding to the paint room to carry out, so that will affect the paint spray.

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