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Introduction To Classification And Performance Of Automotive Paints

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What is automotive paints:

According to the color of the paint can be divided into Silver Colors Basecoat, Pearl Colors, Solid Colors, etc.

Automotive Paints refers to the paint applied to the body and parts of various types of vehicles such as cars. It generally refers to the paint and auxiliary materials of new cars and paints for vehicle repair.

According to the form of the paint, it can be divided into: water-based paint, solvent paint, powder paint, high-solid paint, etc.;

According to the construction process, it can be divided into: primer, medium coating, lacquer (second primer), topcoat, varnish, etc.

Automotive paints properties:

(1) Opacity: The hiding power is usually expressed by the weight of the paint required to cover the specified black and white grid. The greater the weight, the smaller the hiding power.

(2) Adhesion: It indicates the adhesion of the coating film to the base layer.

(3) Viscosity: The size of the viscosity affects the construction performance. Different construction methods require the coating to have different viscosities.

(4) Fineness: The fineness directly affects the flatness and gloss of the surface of the coating film.

Automotive Paints



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