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A Company travel

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At the beginning of 2020, We went to German as a company travel.

Since we are a car paint factory, the best place we visit is the gaint car manufacturer. Then we can make a study on the auto paint of car body, therefore we can do some improvement  of our automotive paint, also do some modify on the clear coat or vanish, to enhance the gloss.

Therefore we spend a day to go to porsche museum in Stuttgart.

In the parking, it has lots of different model car for renting, when we go inside the museum, it has various car, from vintage vehicle to future concept cat. From roadster to SUV. But what is same that every car is shining, the car paint of each car is gloss, the light shines on the silver, the silver is sparkling.

Below is some picture of this trip.

China Automotive paint factory,thinner hardener

China car paint clear factory, vanish manufacture

Good qiality spary clear coat, auto paint silver


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