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Why is your car paint changing color?

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Have you ever experienced discoloration of your car paint? This is a headache because it directly affects the aesthetics of the car's surface.

So why does the car paint change color?

Park the car in an open-air parking lot without any shelter. The car paint will be damaged and discolored in long-term sunlight, especially the white ordinary car paint, which is more likely to turn yellow;

Long storage period, precipitation and discoloration, not evenly stirred before construction, especially the ready-mixed paint;

Product has expired already;

The mixing ratio of formula is wrong, or the diluent ratio is wrong;

The quality of automotive paint products is too poor, such as the use of resins with poor weather resistance;

The construction environment does not meet the standards of spraying operations, and chemical reactions with pollutants in the environment caused changes in the original color brightness.


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