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Automotive Paint: What's the Difference Between Primer and Topcoat?

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The cars that can be seen everywhere on the road are colorful. The color we could see is the topcoat, so some people say that it would be good as long as the quality of the topcoat is good, and the quality of primer is not important at all. In fact, this opinion is incorrect, because the components and functions of the two are different.

1. Different ingredients:

The primer is composed of four parts: resin, solvent, filler and additive; while the topcoat is composed of toner, resin, solvent and additive. The difference from the primer is that the filler of the topcoat is added very little or not.

2. Different functions:

Car primer is the first paint layer that is directly applied on the surface of the body parts. It is the beginning of the entire coating.  Therefore, it is required that the primer and the substrate have good adhesion power, good matching with the upper coat or topcoat. The primer must also have good corrosion resistance, rust resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance and water resistance. It is mainly used to fill the paint surface, make it smooth, support the topcoat, and provide the fullness of the paint. In addition, the price of the primer is cheaper than the topcoat, so it can reduce the cost and save energy.

While the automotive topcoat is the last layer of paint in the entire coating.  so it mainly plays the role of decoration and protection, and determines the durability and appearance of the coating. Usually we increase the paint film thickness by increasing the number of coating layers of the topcoat. The colorful paint layer greatly increases the appearance of the car. After spraying the 1K color paint layer, a transparent paint layer (clear coat/varnish) will be sprayed to protect the color car paint. After spraying the 2K color paint layer, there is no need to spray the paint layer again.


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