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Car Paint: wet blistering

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(1) Causes

1. The mutual adhesion between topcoat, mid-coat, primer and the substrate is not enough, which may cause blistering.

2. In very hot and humid conditions, water penetrates the paint film as a liquid and then passes out as a vapor, forming moisture bubbles.


(2) Precaution and Correction Method:

1. use dry grinding in wet weather only, keep the compressed air dry, and ensure that the surface is completely dry before spraying.

2. Do not place the painted parts in the hot humid environment before they are completely dry.

3. When the bubbles are not broken, can wait for the water to evaporate to restore the paint film to its original state. In serious cases, 

it must be polished thoroughly and then re-painted. The best choice is to remove the paint until the bare metal.


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