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When car paint putty bleeds:

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When car paint putty bleeds:


What is Putty Bleeding:


 After spraying the topcoat, the color of the surface will change in the area where putty has been used, usually showing that the color is lighter than the surrounding area, especially the light blue and light green silver powder base paint is prone to this phenomenon.


(1) Cause:



There is too much hardener in the putty, and the oxide in the hardener bleaches the pigment and causes uneven color.



The quality of atomic ash is poor.



(2) Correction method:



Use putty of good quality,and adjust the ratio of putty and hardener correctly according to the instructions for use of putty.



If the bleeding phenomenon has occurred, the surface paint layer should be polished and re-sprayed. In serious cases, the putty coating should be polished off and repaired again.



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