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How to fix streaks in car paint?

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How to fix streaks in car paint


1. Definition:


Also known as silver powder blooming, this is a common problem with silver color paint and pearl primers. The paint film appears to be whacked, with small dark circles surrounding light silver dust or varying shades of color. If it is in the base coat, this phenomenon is often not noticed until the clear coat has been applied.


2. Cause:



Silver color paint is composed of a variety of different pigments and aluminum powder. Spraying silver color paint on the thick or wet paint layer will make the silver powder in the silver color paint unable to level, thus forming streaks.



When the temperature is too low and the silver color paint is sprayed, the silver powder will be in a wet or liquid state for a long time, and the silver powder will accumulate in piles.



When spraying silver color paint, if the air pressure used is low, or the distance between the spray gun and the surface plate is relatively short, when the paint surface reaches the working surface, too little solvent volatilization will lead to the formation of a wet paint film, which is easy to cause mottled phenomenon. .


A thinner with a slow evaporation rate is used, or the amount of thinner is too much.


3. Correction method:



Dilute the silver color paint as required, and master the correct spraying skills, such as the distance between the spray gun and the sprayed surface and the moving speed of the spray gun.



Do not apply wet paint too thickly. When necessary, properly increase the temperature of the paint shop and appropriately extend the resting time between paint films.


If the spots have already occurred, it is recommended to use the correct thinner ratio and construction skills to re-spray. If the streak occurs in a basecoat that has been varnished, the film will need to be peeled off and reapplied.



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