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What should we do if the paint is polluted and blistered?

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What should we do if the paint is polluted and blistered?

1. Definition:

Pollution blistering: Also known as bubbles or "prickly heat", irregular blistering on the surface of the paint layer.

2. Cause:

The main reason is that the substrate is contaminated, and proper cleaning and preparation work has not been carried out before painting.

Contamination from air supply pipes or spraying tools.

3. Solution:

Clean the sprayed surface and thoroughly remove substances such as wax, grease and polishing agent.

Ensure that the tools such as compressed air, air supply pipes and spray guns are clean.

If prickly heat has occurred, lightly sand the surface, taking care not to wear through the paint film, and re-spray. In severe cases, sand to bare metal and re-spray.



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