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​The paint film appears "chalking" phenomenon:

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The paint film appears "chalking" phenomenon:


1. Definition:


The pigment particles in the paint are no longer affected by the binder, and the surface of the paint film is powdery, passivated, faded and tarnished.


2. Cause:


Due to the long-term exposure of the paint film to strong sunlight and other climatic conditions, the pigment particles in the paint are aged or loosened, causing the paint surface to gradually peel off in powder form.


The use of the wrong thinner will damage the durability of the topcoat layer.


The paint is not mixed evenly.


3. Correction method:


Choose a suitable thinner and stir the paint evenly before spraying.



Mild pulverization can be removed by polishing, more serious cases need to be polished with coarse wax, and heavy pulverization needs to be repaired and sprayed again.


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