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The main reasons for car paint peeling.

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The main reasons for car paint peeling:


       1. When the car is painted, the surface of the car may not be cleaned cleanly, and there are oil stains, dust, moisture, etc.;


       2. The substrate is too lubricated, and too lubricating will also cause poor adhesion of the car paint film;


       3. When the primer is sprayed, the primer film is sprayed too thick and too hard, which will also make the paint film not easy to stick;


       4. The baking temperature after spraying the car paint is too high, and the baking time is too long or too short;


       5. The humidity of the construction environment is too high, which will also cause the car paint to fall off in a large area.


       What if we find that the car has peeling paint? There is no doubt that touch up paint! If the paint of the car is peeled off, it will affect the appearance, and the peeling area will continue to expand over time. If the metal substrate is exposed and rusted, it should be repaired. In the process of repairing, pay attention to the treatment of the substrate. Too lubricating, baking temperature and time, pay attention to the construction environment.



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