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About the color of the car primer.

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About the color of the car primer:

         Generally, the car paint surface will have at least 4 layers of paint, namely: multi-layer paint, primer, top coat and color paint. It can be seen intuitively, but the color of the primer will only be revealed after being scratched, so many friends will be very curious, what color is the general car primer?

        General cars use cathodic electrophoresis primer, so the color of the primer is white or gray, depending on the color of different models. For example, generally black cars will use white primer, while white cars will choose gray bottom. Lacquer, mainly to make it easier to identify the primer when the paint is scratched.


        The car is scratched, no matter whether the primer is exposed or not, as long as there are deep scratches, it is recommended to repair it, so as to avoid old rust, which will affect the appearance. After the metal shell is scratched, the exposed primer will not rust, but if the metal is exposed, even a small amount, it must be repaired in time, otherwise the area may increase.



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