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How to deal with streaky shadows on car paint?

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Streaks or shadows on car paint refer to the difference in color depth on the surface of the topcoat layer, often in parallel status. There's a relatively high chance of streaking or shadowing on the silver paint and pearl paint.

1. Improper car paint thinning operation, not adding thinner according to the manufacturer's requirements;

2. When spraying paint, the coverage is uneven, and the sprayed paint via the spray gun has too much paint on the edge and too little paint in the middle. The possible reasons are that the compressed air pressure is too high, the spray gun is polluted and not cleaned, or the nozzle is not adjusted properly.

3. The paint spraying technology is poor, the distance between the spray gun and the surface to be sprayed is often changed or the overlap is uneven when spraying, the distance between the spray gun and the surface to be sprayed should be kept consistent during the spraying process, and an overlap of 50% should be maintained .

4. The humidity thickness of the paint is not the same may also cause the defect of streak shadow.

If streaked shadows have appeared, it is recommended to wait for the paint surface to dry before re-spraying a layer of paint, pay attention to adjust the compressed air pressure, spray gun and automotive paint thinner mixing ratio is correct.


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