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The Reason for The Cracking of Automotive Paint After Renovation

The use of cars for a certain period of time, car paint will occur aging, fading, cracking and other phenomena, we need to refurbish the car paint. There are several possible reasons for cracking after refurbishment: 1.The quality of the paint itself is a problem, the atomic layer of gray layer cracking also led to cracking. 2.Substrate surface treatment is improper, the substrate itself has cracks, grinding is not completely

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New Car Paint Cracking Causes

Generally new car paint is no paint cracking situation, if found this situation, it belongs to the automotive paint quality problems, the car after-sales service center will be free re-painted, but If it is natural corrosion, paint is not within the scope of warranty. There are new car paint cracking causes. 1.the car door gap, the roof of car and other car paint is easy to crack, this problem is not serious, because the new d

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Why Do Painters Eat Alkaline Foods?

As a painter, why would it be recommended to eat more alkaline food? Because we usually contact the paint, such as: varnish, car paint thinner, curing agent, plaster, color masterbatch and so are acidic or strong acid, long contact makes our physique will gradually become acidic, so in our daily life, we should eat some alkaline food eat some alkaline food. Alkaline foods include: pig blood, black fungus, kelp, these three k

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How Many Layers of Car Paint?

General new car has 4 layers of paint: 1.Electrophoretic paint layer: electrophoretic paint layer coating is the whole body place into the swimming pool, no dead angle roll invasion, the main role is rust, it is the bottom of the body rust. 2.The primer layer: The primer layer play the role of filling, filled with some depression and small flaws. As the paint layer and electrophoretic paint layer isolation layer, can

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Characteristics of Automotive Silver Paint

Car color paint manufacturers know that the car silver paint hiding power is very good, it is because the silver powder added metal sheet - aluminum, they scattered floating in the paint, and parallel with the substrate, form a continuous silver layer, cover the substrate. Isolate the outside of the water, gas, etc., play a very good shielding effect; The greater the thickness ratio of aluminum powder, the greater the size of

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Comparison of Metallic Paint With Ordinary Paint

Metallic paint refers to room temperature curing coating with the fine metal particles, is currently a popular automotive finish. Compared automotive metal paint with ordinary paint, metallic paint hardness is higher, but also can show the body level beauty, paint hardened, it is not easy to be scratched. There are some ordinary paint, the most typical of several colors is white, black, red, and yellow; These colors of paint c

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Causes and Solutions of Rust in Automotive

Many owners will find the car will have a layer of rust after a long stroke, we need to do automotive paint to eliminate rust, improve the overall beauty of the car. 1.Pay attention to the car on the small scar on the paint, the car occurred collision, resulting in scratches on the car paint, and sometimes the owner will think that a small scratch does not matter, it will form small rust after a long time. 2.It is best not to

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Characteristics of Car Primer

1. automotive primer and atomic gray layer, primer layer, topcoat layer are matched. 2. easy to polish and water resistance, wet grinding make the entire paint layer smooth, there is no wrinkling phenomenon. 3. filling is better, it can fill the primer layer and the original gray layer of small scratches. 4. solvent resistance is good, the paint of the tissue topcoat penetrates into the primer layer. 5. enhance the adhesion o

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How Does Automotive Coatings Business Get The Favor of Consumers?

For the automotive coatings business, how to win the consumer is an important issue, we always think of such a word "customers buy is not something, but to buy a solution to the problem." Paint companies should think about the problem standing in the perspective of consumers. Car paint is to better protect the car, better solve the car paint some drawbacks, therefore, the health and green of paint products is the first to solv

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The Basic Repair Methods of Car Paint

Scratches on the car paint is a common problem, then what is the basic method to repair car paint scratch? 1.The paint pen repair method for car paint scratches, the paint pen with a similar color is applied to the scratch, that is, paint pen repair method. This method is simple but the repair office paint adhesion is not enough, easy to peel and difficult to lasting. 2. Repair spray method for car paint scratches, using the t

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What Kinds of Automotive Refinish?

At present, automobile paint is generally baking paint, car repair paint is mainly used to repair the car paint scratches, can be divided into three categories: ordinary paint, metal paint, pearlescent paint, the grade is increased in turn. Ordinary paint is plain paint, the main components are resins, pigments and additives; In order to pursue the standard color, ordinary paint will not be doped with too much silver. The

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Development history and trend of the automotive repair paint

Speaking of car repair paint, is about 1925 years ago, is the natural resin of enamel, after using the cellulose nitrate, medium oil alkyd resin coating, spraying construction technology to replace brush construction in 1940. Solvent a two-component, polyurethane coating system is about to enter the market in 1970, car repair paint coating has become the dominant resin system, and now, according to the development trend i

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The color of the car paint color classification method and coating process

Car paint color generally can be divided into grey and metallic two kinds of color, color in its color points and can be divided into color and without color, color refers to the color with color: red, yellow, blue, green and other color; No color, such as not to bring color such as white, grey, black color. Metallic color is divided into metallic color and pearl color. Car paint coating process method is the most there are t

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